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Dedicated to Helping Underwater Homeowners Get the Help They Need

Homeowner 101 is an organization designed to give underwater homeowners Answers, Information, and Resources (A.I.R.). We're not a loan modification company, or a short sale negotiation company, or one of those companies that will help you do a strategic default. We're not a credit repair company or anything like that. We're not selling anything.

Homeowner 101 was founded in 2011 by a group of individuals and companies from the real estate, financial services, and homebuilding industries. We've all been around this block a few times, and we've seen too many clients financially devastated because they took no action at all to deal with their underwater homes; or didn't understand what their options were and so took the worst possible action.

In developing Homeowner101.com our goal was to build a one-stop resource where distressed homeowners could turn for A. I. R. (Answers, Information, and Resources). A place where homeowners could find unbiased underwater mortgage assistance from expert advisors with no ulterior motives. A place where you can get everything you need to turn homeownership from a liability back to a source of financial stability.

The centerpiece of the A.I.R. we provide is a comprehensive, top-to-bottom financial assessment and action plan that will help you look at your whole financial picture -- income, expenses, budget, assets, liabilities, everything -- and understand how your home fits within that big picture.

For underwater homeowners who feel trapped, unsure of what to do about their situation, the Underwater Homeowners Assessment and Action Plan is a roadmap for the different options the homeowner can take.