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We can�t we give you a full sample of the Assessment and Action Plan because it�s personalized to your unique situation (which is why it�s so valuable), but to give you a sense of how comprehensive it is ($129 is an incredible value), we�ve included here the Table of Contents from the Assessment and Action Plan booklet that you�ll get to take home after your assessment.

Table of Contents

Client Information�������3
Agenda for Discussion�������5
Property and Mortgage Information�������6
Property Information�������6
Rental Property Information (if applicable) �������7
Mortgage and Related Information�������7
Financial and Related Information�������11
Income and Expenses�������11
Assets and Liabilities�������13
Potential Pitfalls to Be Aware of�������16
Real Estate-Related Potential Pitfalls�������16
Tax-Related Potential Pitfalls�������19
Credit-Related Potential Pitfalls�������19
Legal-Related Potential Pitfalls�������20
Financial-Related Potential Pitfalls�������23
Action Plan Checklist�������24
Homeowner 101 Authorized Providers�������27
Tax Advisors�������27
Financial Planners/Investment Advisors�������27
Credit Specialists�������27
Legal Advisors�������27
Loan Modification Consultants�������27
Short Sale Negotiators�������27
Real Estate Agents�������27
Other Authorized Providers�������27