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Underwater Homeowners Assessment and Action Plan

Who It’s For

The Underwater Homeowners Assessment and Action Plan is for every homeowner who owes more than her house is worth – whether you’re having trouble making your mortgage payment or not.

What You’ll Get

Deciding what to do about your underwater house (even if your decision is to do nothing) based on the advice or friends or neighbors or – worse – the advice of someone who has an ulterior motive (like the real estate agent who pushes you to a short sale just because he wants the listing, or the loan modification counselor who pushes you to a loan mod because he gets paid per referral) is the worst possible idea.

Instead, you need to sit down with an experienced professional advisor -- who has no ulterior motives -- who can assess your complete financial situation, help you see where homeownership fits in, and work with you to make a plan for what you should do next.

And that’s exactly what the Underwater Homeowners Assessment and Action Plan provides. For $129, you’ll get a complete assessment of your financial situation – far beyond just your mortgage – and you’ll get a detailed action plan for how to move on so you can get back to the place where homeownership is a source of financial stability and peace of mind.

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