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Benefits to the Authorized Assessment & Action Plan Provider

    For you, the benefits of joining the Homeowner 101 Network and becoming an Authorized Assessment & Action Plan Provider might include:
  • Grow your business.  Whether you’re a tax advisor, financial planner, insurance agent, or some other kind of professional advisor, there may well be an opportunity to refer the homeowner into your practice (for example, homeowners who do a short sale should get professional tax preparation help; homeowners contemplating a strategic default need to ensure their assets are appropriately positioned; many homeowners are under-insured).
  • Grow your network.  The Homeowner 101 Network includes the country’s top real estate professionals, legal advisors experienced in the areas of anti-deficiency, tax law, bankruptcy, and general real estate; tax advisors; credit specialists; mortgage professionals; insurance providers; financial planners; and investment advisors.  As an Authorized Provider, you’re immediately plugged in to this incredible network of professionals – potentially a deep well of referrals.

Who we’re looking for

    We are looking for experienced professionals who understand the complexities of the situation facing underwater homeowners, and are well-equipped to help those homeowners explore their options.  Part of the authorization process is a half-day class, which I teach, but we expect candidates to, at the outset:
  • Feel comfortable asking homeowners questions that will help them make the decision that is in their best financial long-term interest.  For example, if the underwater home calculator reveals that the homeowner will be in a negative equity position for ten years, the Authorized Provider should talk to the homeowner about what happens within those ten years if they have to move – and no longer have the protection of the Debt Relief Act.
  • Be willing and able to answer the question, “What would you do if you were me?”
  • Believe homeowners’ moral obligation is only to their financial future and be willing and able to help clients understand what their best long-term financial interest is.  As an Authorized Assessment & Action Provider it is critical that you explore with the homeowner the options that are in their best long-term financial interest.  If the question of “moral obligation” arises you need to be able to explain that the homeowners’ only moral obligation is to their financial future.
  • Be willing and able to present “what ifs” – don’t say “you should do this” but rather “here’s what could happen if.”  We never tell homeowners what they “should” do.  But it is the job of the Assessment & Action Plan Provider to clearly articulate and ensure that the homeowners understand what is in their best long-term financial interest as well as the potential consequences associated with the available options.  (For example, if a homeowner wants to do a HARP 2.0 refinance, talk about how that might be “kicking the can down the road” and limit the homeowner’s available options in the future.)

The process of becoming an Authorized Provider of the Homeowner 101 Assessment & Action Plan includes 4 steps:

    1. Respond to the following:
  • Explain what a short sale is
  • Explain the Debt Relief Act
  • A client comes to you certain that a loan modification is her best option.  She owes $350,000 on a house that is now worth $135,000.  What would you ask/ talk to her about?
  • Your client is worried about her “moral obligation” to pay her mortgage.  She is $200,000 underwater but can afford to pay her mortgage.  What do you say?
  • Explain the difference between a short sale, a deed-in-lieu, and a foreclosure
  • Stay or go – what questions would you ask?
  • What’s the difference in the impact of foreclosure versus short sale on a person’s credit?

  • 2. Attend the Homeowner 101 Authorized Assessment & Action Plan Provider training. All Authorized Provider candidates are required to attend a half-day training, which will be taught by Pat Lloyd in an interactive virtual setting.

    3. Pass the test.  At the end of the training, all candidates are required to pass a test, which essentially is a mock Assessment & Action Plan consultation.  The test is designed to demonstrate your level of comfort with the subject matter as well as your ability to discuss these complex issues with the homeowner.

    4. Sign the Homeowner 101 Authorized Assessment & Action Plan Provider Agreement (see below).  We are confident you will find that being part of the Homeowner 101 Network is a privilege that yields tremendous benefits.  For that reason, and because our goal first and foremost is to provide Answers, Information, and Resources (A.I.R.) to underwater homeowners, we require all members of the Network to adhere to a strict code of ethics.

Homeowner 101 Authorized Assessment & Action Plan Provider Agreement

    As a pre-condition to my acceptance into the Homeowner 101 Authorized Assessment & Action Plan Provider Network, and in order to remain a Homeowner 101 Authorized Assessment & Action Plan Provider, I agree to
  • Adhere to Homeowner 101 mission statement, which is to provide underwater homeowners the Answers, Information, and Resources (A.I.R.) they need to make the decision that is in their best long-term financial interest.
  • Within the bounds of the law, do what is in the best long-term financial interest of my client and never put my personal financial interest ahead of my client’s.
  • Work by the highest standard of customer service at all times – the client always comes first.
  • Let Homeowner 101 examine my assessments and action plans as a quality assurance measure
  • Agree to consult with Homeowner 101 on particularly complex cases, or whenever I’m unsure of the best recommendation for a client.
  • Maintain consistently high levels of client satisfaction, as measured by the survey Homeowner 101 provides to all clients at the end of the Assessment & Action Plan.
  • Defend, indemnify, and hold Homeowner 101 harmless from and against any and all liability, loss, expense (including reasonable attorneys' fees) or claims for injury or damages arising out of the performance of this Agreement.
  • Not circumvent Homeowner 101 by dealing directly or indirectly with other Authorized Providers, clients, or potential clients, or using the Homeowner 101 Assessment & Action Plan, without the express permission of Homeowner 101.
  • Not circumvent the professional who referred the client in to the Assessment & Action Plan.  All referrals coming from real estate agents will be directed back to that agent if an agent’s services are recommended (i.e. if a short sale is recommended).

To become a Homeowner 101 Authorized Assessment & Action Plan Provider, fill out the form below or email Molly Castelazo, Homeowner 101 President, directly at air@homeowner101.com

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