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Benefits of becoming a member of the Homeowner 101 Real Estate Network

  • By referring underwater homeowners to the Homeowner 101 Assessment & Action Plan before you list their short sale, you’re drastically reducing your liability (and real estate agents are getting sued for short sale deals gone bad)
  • The Homeowner 101 Assessment & Action Plan provider will say the things you legally can’t say to the homeowner and cover the topics that you simply don’t have time to cover in your listing presentation (email air@homeowner101.com for a sample of the Assessment & Action Plan and see for yourself)
  • Referring homeowners to the Assessment & Action Plan is an incredible opportunity to grow your business by converting prospects into listings at a much higher rate
  • What’s more, it’s a comprehensive tool that extends far beyond the short sale transaction, positioning your client to become a homebuyer again – with you as their agent for life
  • This is a powerful lead generation and closing tool for you; you can say to prospective clients “Because I care about what is in your best financial interest, and not just about you listing your house with me, I’ve partnered with a national company that provides the A.I.R. (Answers, Information, Resources) that you really need.”  That’s an incredible differentiator for you
  • Through the Assessment & Action Plan you’ve got a one-stop shop for referrals to all the professional advisors your client might need: CPA, bankruptcy attorney, anti-deficiency attorney, credit specialist, etc.

What becoming a member of the Homeowner 101 Real Estate Network entails

  • You’ll get to use the most powerful conversion tool ever – the Homeowner 101 Assessment & Action Plan
  • You’ll get to sleep easier knowing that you’ve mitigated your legal liability
  • You’ll get a source of leverage – the ability to offer so much more to your prospects without the time and expense of hiring someone else
  • You’ll get a customized Homeowner 101 website that is search engine optimized for your local area by one of the top internet marketing firms
  • You’ll get instant access to a network of other top short sale agents around the country
  • You’ll get customized marketing collateral (business card, brochure) to give to prospects

What top agents have to say about the Homeowner 101 Real Estate Network

  •  “You know that your client needs to move money around, or take other steps to get the short sale deal done, but you can’t tell the client that.  The Homeowner 101 Assessment & Action Plan providers, in contrast, can.  In fact, they have a fiduciary responsibility to help the homeowner do whatever is in his or her best financial interest.”

FAQs about the Homeowner 101 Real Estate Network

  • Q: Homeowner 101 says that it doesn’t steer homeowners in one direction or another.  So what if the Assessment &Action Plan provider tells my client they should do a loan mod or a refinance?
    A: The Homeowner 101 Assessment & Action Plan provider will recommend whatever is in the homeowner’s best interest.  In today’s market, the majority of the time that is a short sale.  If a short sale isn’t in the homeowner’s best financial interest, would you really want to do one anyway?  Homeowner 101 is not looking to take away your business; instead, we’re looking to a) help homeowners, because they all need this; and b) help you close more deals.  Remember, our incentive is to help you succeed so that you refer more homeowners to us!
  • Q: What if I already have a CPA partner, an attorney, etc. who I refer underwater homeowners to?
    A: Great!  Those providers are welcome to join the Homeowner 101 network of Authorized Providers. CPAs or other similarly-qualified professionals can become certified to conduct the Assessment & Action Plan, which can help them grow their business even further.

To join the Homeowner 101 Real Estate Expert Network, fill out the form below or email Molly Castelazo, Homeowner 101 President, directly at air@homeowner101.com

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